What is Loga?

Loga is a mobile application, which carries your membership cards from various stores instead of the physical membership cards. Now you can have all your membership cards with you at all times. You will never again have the hassle of forgetting or losing and browsing through your stacks of membership cards.

Other than presenting the card for membership privilege, you can receive the most recent newsfeed, which will be sent directly to your card from the store, receiving discounts coupons and also collecting point rewards, which can be redeemed at the store.

Let’s look at the Loga review from our current users.

How to get Loga?

Simply by download and install Loga application on your smartphone from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

After you have downloaded and installed the application, open the application then press “+” button and select the membership card from the store that you want. Simple as that and you will receive a membership card from the store to be safely kept on your smartphone.



Why should the merchant select Loga?

Membership card is the marketing tool that used for showing appreciation to the loyal customers of the stores by giving them privileges only for their members whether it is discounts, gifts, coupons, point rewards redemption, including newsfeed which is beneficial to their members, or conducting any activities related to “Customer Loyalty” for their customers.

In the past, making the physical membership card is complicated, especially coupons, point rewards that require tremendous paperwork, getting it printed and managed it. These efforts might be well received by the customers or ended up creating more waste since the customers doesn’t use it. Also gathering statistical data is difficult and requires extra work. More importantly, the customers don’t like to carry these extra things around. It is also creating a mess for them.

Loga is an effective and efficient tool that helps you to easily conduct the mentioned activities via smartphone and computer without the old-fashioned plastic membership cards, mailing, SMS, paper coupons, and the complications. Also it is equipped with the real-time dashboard and statistical data but less the extra work to summarized the data.

Most importantly is the concept of Loga which we carefully maintained your brand identity; the customers will be your members. (They are not Loga members, or any other credit cards members that would come in and get discounts from your store, which this process is taking away the brand identity from your store.)

Furthermore, the most special thing we are offering is creating your store application. The customers would directly acknowledge your brand. (Not via Loga)

How can a store sign up for our services? Are there any expenses?

The store can sign up to be the “merchant” for free to create their store’s membership cards and can register up to 500 members per year for free. If the store has more usage or requires marketing help including requires their own stores application, the expenses can be viewed here.

How many types of the membership card are there?

The merchant can create many types of the membership cards as follows:

  1. Self-registered Membership Card: The users can install Loga and then register for your store membership card by themselves. The membership subscription would last one year and the store can setup the annual subscription fees by themselves or exempting the fees.
  2. At-store registered Membership Card: The staff at the store can only do Membership Card registration. This case works best when the store issues membership card for its customer only when take make a certain amount of purchase or when the customer make a member subscription payment directly at the store.
  3. Store Application Membership Card: The users can install the store application without using Loga application such as Sylvanian Families Card.



What are the services for the merchant?

After the membership card was created, the merchant can:

  • Send newsfeed to its members (called Post) such as menus update.
  • Giving out Coupons such as discount coupons or gifts coupons. A coupon can only be used once and the store can define its conditions such as valid everyday, valid only in birth month, valid only weekdays etc.
  • The customers can collect Point from the purchased amount such as purchase amount of 100 THB will earn 10 points and then set up the prize for point redemption.
  • Get in touch with the customer via ​Helpdesk
  • View statistical feedback graphs and tables.


Moreover, the stores utilize advertisement to advertise their membership cards to the prospective customers, which are Loga application users, via Loga application to expand their customer base.



Loga Application for iPhone and Android can be installed from Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.