One-stop solution for CRM/Loyalty and E-Commerce
Loga is all you need to grow your business by building long-lasting relationships with your customers with a complete set of loyalty & e-commerce tools, e.g. Point-Reward, E-Coupon, E-Commerce, Booking, Customer Insights, and much more!
Easy Integration
Easy integration Easy integration
Loga is optimized for LINE Official Account (LINE OA) and can also connect to your Point-of-Sales (POS) system, payment gateways, logistics providers for delivery all from within Loga through Loga API Loga API.

In addition, you can deep-link to different Loga functions such as Your Store and Booking from your website, social media, LINE OA, etc.
Build loyal customers base with Loga Build loyal customers base with Loga
Did you know that existing customers spend 66% more than new customers? So it pays to build loyalty, and you can do this with Loga!

Customers earn points for every purchase, and redeem rewards when they reach merchant-specified milestones. In addition, customers can receive coupons, reminders or gifts on special dates like birthdays.
Build Customer
Earn More
Earn more by selling online in your own Store! Earn more by selling online in your own Store!
Setting up your own store in Loga is as easy as posting your photos and text; Loga does the rest, seamlessly connecting your customers to payment gateways (credit/debit cards, QR code, LINE Pay, etc.), and delivery services.

You can also offer Subscriptions (monthly, yearly), giving you even more sources of Recurring revenue.
Bid Farewell to Hefty
GP fee  - Your Own Delivery Platform Awaits Bid Farewell to Hefty
GP fee  - Your Own Delivery Platform Awaits
In the business world, cost savings are crucial, and diversifying sales channels mitigates risk.

Cutting down on third-party delivery platform fees that eat into your profits. Loga enables your business to have its own delivery platform.

Watch your profits grow with each delivery. You're in the driver's seat, steering towards success and customer satisfaction.
Bid Farewell
Never Miss
Never miss an opportunity with online booking Never miss an opportunity with online booking
Let your customers reserve specific timeslots, which you create and set availability for. So you spend less time taking requests on different messaging apps and email, and instead focus your resources on your clients when you see them.

Ideal for appointments (e.g., spa, massage, sport activities) as well as restaurant reservations.
Gather customer insights with analytics Gather customer insights with analytics
Loga's Dashboards help you easily view trends such as most popular promotions, busy times, and user engagement and track your customers' behaviors so you know where to best focus your resources.

Loga's BI analytics
Enhance your store's data analysis and customer behavior insights with a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) system through Loga BI Analytics. It helps you utilize your data to its fullest potential to respond promptly to customer needs and support new analytical requirements in the future.
Gather Customer
Boost the thrill and rewards of collecting points
Boost The Thrill Boost The Thrill
Enhance the experience of collecting and redeeming points to be even more enjoyable and thrilling.

Transform the mundane process of redeeming points into an exciting game of chance with a spinning wheel. Capture customers' attention by offering them a chance to spin the wheel and win special prizes that are normally unattainable.
Your own branded app is fast, easy & inexpensive Your own branded app is fast, easy & inexpensive
For businesses that prefer a more unique environment for their brands, we can create a bespoke app with your brand (iOS, Android) with only the Loga features that are best-suited for your business.
Your Own Brand
Why Loga Why Loga
Matching all your business needs, let us know if we can do more! View features list.
Loga is multi-channels: LINE OA, Loga app, your own branded app, and even without any devices (use just  phone number)
Loga is integrated with LINE OA, Point-of-Sales (POS), Delivery, and any other systems
Accessible customer databases, not just a channel to send messages.
Several affordable packages with a free-forever package for starters
Continuous Updates
Loga is better every week with regular updates for over 10 years.
Try for free Or upgrade to unlock more features Try for free Or upgrade to unlock more features
Our Customers Our Customers
Testimonials Testimonials
  • Ariya Kumpilo,
    Jones Salad
    Loga is very flexible and connects with our POS system, so we are able to collect and organize customer information into one database and understand more about our customers.
  • Pichasine Awipan,
    Ball Mix Coffee
    We've never been disappointed using Loga. It's simple and convenient. We like how our customers can use LINE to view their points and coupons.
  • Saitharn Sonthaya,
    We chose Loga for its wide range of functions, which have proven to be very useful. It is a very effective tool and well-worth the price.
  • Kittisak Ponglertnapakorn,
    The Orthodontist Co., Ltd.
    Loga is a very user friendly platform.
  • Supachok Malee,
    Malee Superstore
    It's so easy to use. Our customers can collect points and redeem rewards without having to carry a plastic card. Also the data analysis provided by Loga gives me information I can use to adjust my marketing plan.
  • Akiyoshi Japanese Restaurant
    There are many useful tools in Loga that we use for promotion of our restaurants and to manage data. We like how customers can easily check points and rewards online instead of carrying a card.
  • Jaraspon Rujirasopon,
    Zaap Classic
    We are really happy with Loga. It has proven to be convenient for us as well as our customers.
  • Supaporn Polsiripipat
    Thanks to Loga, we can have our own application at an affordable price, without the need to hire our own developers. And Loga makes it easy to run promotions which help us increase sales.
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